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Top 6 Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners In 2019

Looking at pro riders grind and fly beautifully on those vert ramps, many watchers cannot wait to get their feet on those amazing boards!

But when looking at the thousands of choices out in the wild, they are confused. If you’re a beginner looking for a great entry-level skateboard, you’ve come to the right place.

Out of thousands of brands, we’ve handpicked the top 6 best skateboard brands for starters.

Things we care about are the quality of the board, the trustworthy level of the brand, and what others have reviewed about the brand.

Now, let’s begin!


Rimable is a great brand that makes high-quality scooters and boards. When people buy starter skateboards, most of the times they are looking for boards for young beginners.

For such purposes, Rimable is a very suitable choice. Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard is the #1 best seller in the Standard Skateboard category.

A 22-inch skateboard is what they technically call a penny board (aka plastic skateboard). It’s super cheap! If you want to get one for your kids, this is a nice option.

However, if you’re an adult looking for a longboard, you can check out Rimable Drop-Through Longboard and Rimable Canadian Maple Pintail Longboard. These two are a bit more expensive. They are of high quality, however.

Many riders have already bought Rimable skateboards. They are highly satisfied with their purchases. The sheer number of 5-star ratings speak for itself.

Rimable boards are made from durable materials such as aluminum, PU, PP plastic, etc. The low costs this brand gives customers help many more people access this amazing sport easily.

Check out a customer review on their $30 penny style skateboard right here:


Retrospec is another excellent skateboard brand that we’re excited to introduce to you! They have some of the most popular and best-selling skateboards and longboards.

If you’re into skateboarding, definitely check out Retrospec Alameda complete skateboard. It’s incredibly cheap! You only need to spend about $40 for a high-quality skateboard.

The nicest thing about Retrospec skateboards is that they have ABEC 11 bearings. This is the bomb in the bearing industry. Seriously, it’s the top spec on the market right now!

Also, if you love longboarding, be sure not to miss the Retrospec Zed Bamboo. It’s an amazing longboard that’s only about $57. It looks incredible. Plus, the ride quality is super nice.

These prices are very good starting points for beginners. You don’t have to invest a big sum of money right off the bat. You can dip your toes into the water with these and then work your way up with possible future upgrades.

Retrospec is quite generous about their Return policy. They have a 50-day return policy for every customer who is not satisfied with the boards.


Minority is another great brand that packs a lot of value into their boards. In fact, they carry only two board models. One for the skateboard and one for the longboard.

The coolest thing is that their boards are both priced under $50. Are they good, however? Very much so!

We love the graphics on Minority skateboard. They look so fresh and cool. They guarantee that the paint will never fade with time.

The deck is made from 7-ply hardwood maple that can support riders up to 220 lbs. Boys, girls, teenagers, or heavy riders will surely enjoy riding the board.

Also, Minority equips their boards with ABEC 9 bearings. These are super fast and long-lasting.

Their longboard is also packed with some pretty impressive specs. First of all, it’s made from 8-ply hardwood maple.

The deck is pretty wide. This provides a good base for beginners to learn how to balance on the board. You can adjust the degree of the trucks to best fit your riding style and height.

The drop-through design makes it super easy for starters to learn how to turn. You can turn with more confidence and with less worry about getting wheel bites. Definitely a 10/10 recommendation.

Overall, Minority is a good brand with high-quality boards that don’t break the bank!


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If you’re looking for a budget longboard that’s easy for beginners, Volador has some very sweet options.

First of all, their boards look amazing. Second of all, they are a specialist in making longboards.

You’ll fall in love with the many types of boards they offer. Do you love dancing or boardwalking? You can totally find the boards for such styles. Or maybe you like freestyling? You can certainly find a board for that, too!

What we think what you’ll love most about Volador is their price tag. Most of their longboards are around $40 or $60. Yet, they are made with the best materials.

If you look at Volador cruiser board, for example, you’ll find maple deck and ABEC 7 bearings. ABEC 7 bearings for just cruising? That’s really nice already.

Also, check out their freeride longboard. You’ll get precise ABEC 9 bearings plus an 8-ply hardwood maple deck.

Fortunately, their boards come already assembled. That’s very good news for beginners who may not remember all the parts yet and where to place them.

Let’s take you out on a test ride and see how this baby rocks. Watch this:


Element is an established skateboard brand with a very big fan base. They do have skateboards that are over $75. This might be a bit expensive for beginners.

However, you’ll find many great models that are only about $40 or $50. Their boards are made with a combination of style and functionality. They add a bit of art, nature, and culture here and there. You’ll find something that speaks true to your heart.

The most unique thing about Element is that they have a special line of skateboards for girl riders. We think the girls will love the pink Bam Heartagram edition skateboard.

Element skateboards are very lightweight. They are around 5 lbs. Kids or teenagers can carry these around easily.

Their boards are made from some very tough materials such as hard maple, PU, and aluminum. They will also last a long time.

This is trailer 2 for the Element PEACE board:


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Some of you may question: Is it Quest or Quest Nutrition? In fact, they do both.

You’ve probably seen boards made in China or boards made in India, right? Have you ever heard of boards “Mare in Mars”? Exactly, funny as it may sound, Quest boards are made in Mars.

They are an “alien” team with unique vision and goals. Instead of selecting parts here and there to put onto their boards, they go out and create their very own components from scratch.

So, every single Quest board you get is made from their very own design and ideas. Very original!

Quest has bamboo longboards so you can race downhills. There are also cruiser boards that you can ride to the beach. Lifestyle boards are there to carry you around town in style.

The nicest thing about Quest boards is that they are very affordable. The boards cost around $50 to $80. For starters, we recommend checking out the Super Cruiser.

If you like bombing hills, check out Quest California Republic board. Those are incredibly nice!

See these turbo wheels in action:


That concludes our top 6 list today! Did we miss any amazing brands out there? Let us know! We’d love to learn about them. Whatever your choices are, hope you’ll have an amazing time riding your board. See ya!